Creation Seminar with Stan Hudson
Faith and Science align as you explore the history of our world. "Science," in fact, means "knowledge." It is this pursuit for knowledge in our physical world and through the scriptures that is so exciting. You'll discover facts and see sights that confirm truths laid out in the pages of Genesis.

Stan is sure to make you laugh and smile as he shares some interesting facts, and myths about evolution, creation, and the word of God.


Dr. Stan Hudson Dr. Stan Hudson is well known for his seminars on creation and evolution. He is sure to make you laugh and smile as he shares some interesting facts, and myths about evolution, creation and the word of God.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Stan Hudson was captured by Hollywood's positive images of science. Having been introduced to rockhounding as a youth, he enrolled as a geology major at the University of California at Riverside. After experiencing some disappointments and challenges to his worldview, he became a Christian and enrolled at Loma Linda University as a theology major, completing a bachelors degree there. He went on to earn a master of divinity degree from Andrews Theological Seminary and a doctor of ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. However, he's never lost his love for earth sciences and issues related to origins. He is co-host of nationally-syndicated LifeTalk Radio's "Sink the Beagle," a lighthearted look at the subject of creationism and evolutionism. He also currently pastors in the university towns of Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington. He pastored the Nampa Adventist Church from 1992-2000. He is married to Cynthia, a registered dietician, and they have two children: Dan (a mass communications college graduate) and Sarah (a college English major).


  • 9:15 am
    In the Beginning - There Was Water

    Stan talks about the worldwide food stories and discusses the problems with current world views. Was Noah's Ark a mythic tale? Has the ark been found?

  • 10:50 am
    A Call to Worship the God of Genesis
  • 12:40 pm
    Provided Meal
  • 2 pm
    In the Beginning - Dragons and Dinosaurs

    He will spotlight the history of dinosaurs including their discovery and cause of extinction.

  • 3 pm
    In the Beginning - When Was That?

    What exactly is the radiometric dating and does it tell us the exact age of the earth? Understand the conflicting views on this fascinating subject.


We encourage you to invite your family and friends to this important seminar.