Elder Loughborough Speaks for Heritage Sabbath

“At the church service at the Albany church began on October 20, 2012, it seemed that the program was progressing normally, with song service, announcements, and a vocal solo by Pastor Jim Osborne, who presented an early Advent hymn. But as it came time for the sermon, all the participants left the platform. Then a loud voice, proclaiming, “I remember when…” was heard throughout the sanctuary as a lone figure, clad in top hat and riding coat of the 1800s strode down the aisle to the front of the church. As the gentleman continued to share, the congregation learned that J.N. Loughborough, in a rare public appearance of this day, was there to share with them the history of our church denomination, as he had lived and experienced it.

Portrayed by Curtis Miller, Albany head elder, Elder Loughborough shared his life’s struggles, griefs, and travels. He told of working side by side with the Whites, Joseph Bates and others, of circling the globe teaching, preaching, and of supporting the burgeoning denomination. The congregation also learned that Elder Loughborough served as the first conference president of the Upper Columbia Conference. It took fortitude, conviction and great faith to build our church up, and the congregation was challenged to hold true to those attributes until the Lord’s return.”

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