What is the Albany Seventh-day Adventist Church Safety Committee?

The Albany Seventh-day Adventist Safety Committee is dedicated to providing a safe place to worship our Lord. We are here to help in keeping the building and the grounds safe for everyone to enjoy. The Committee reports to the Oregon Conference once a year (first quarter of the calendar year) on the upkeep of the building and the church grounds, using a Church Self-Inspection Form. We try to complete this form once a quarter for our own use. The form has eleven pages, divided into twenty-two sections. There are two hundred six questions asked about the grounds and the building. The head of this committee is the Church Safety Officer who reports to the Church Board.

Are you thinking "Fire Safety" at Church and at Home?  

Will you be prepared to survive for at least 72 hours after a disaster?

Are you prepared for an Earthquake?

Road Conditions and Emergencies

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Your family, friends, and loved ones will thank you for preparing for an emergency.

Amateur Radio

Did you know we have HAMS in our church? Yes, we have several Amateur Radio Operators (aka "Hams") that are members of the Albany Church. Traditionally, Hams have always been involved during emergencies as they provide a much-needed communication link between the affected areas and other Hams outside. This allows emergency personnel as well as families to stay in touch. To learn more, or if you would like to become a Ham, check the following websites: