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Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura—the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.

Currently, Adventists hold 28 fundamental beliefs that can be organized into six categories—the doctrines of God, man, salvation, the church, the Christian life and last day events. In each teaching, God is the architect, who in wisdom, grace and infinite love, is restoring a relationship with humanity that will last for eternity.

We accept the Bible as our only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, as set forth here, constitute the church’s understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. The church is led by the Holy Spirit to a fuller understanding of Bible truth or finds better language in which to express the teachings of God’s Holy Word.

Hills and Valleys Christian church Oregon City, Oregon is meeting with a small group of mission minded Christians each week to develop a plan to reach the Oregon City community. If you would like to be a part of this new project or if you are part of the Oregon City community and would like to help us know how we can be of service to you.

Gladstone Park Christian church Gladestone Oregon is where all members are growing and working together to impact and disciple our community in anticipation of Jesus’ soon return. When you visit the church, you will find a warm family atmosphere, and a joyful and pleasant group of people from multiple generations. You will also discover a very active church which loves to serve our community and members.

Ultimate Mission is a lay ministry training and project management group. We believe that the lion’s share of spreading the gospel will be done by the power of the Holy Spirit using regular people just like you. Our goal is to help train, organize, energize, and empower Christians to finish the work of spreading the gospel to the world.