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Member Resources

Member Resources

AdventistGiving allows you to give your offerings and return your tithe privately online

This makes it easy if you do your banking online, are on a long trip or vacation, or even if you are unable to attend church due to an illness. The most important reason for online giving is so you can give back to the Lord all of your first-fruits as soon as you have them. View a short video about AdventistGiving.


Find the time when the Sabbath begins and ends

Fri, Jan 24 - 05:10 pm
Sat, Jan 25 - 05:11 pm
Fri, Jan 31 - 05:19 pm
Sat, Feb 1 - 05:21 pm

If you are a member with a login, you can access the church directory

Please ask the Heinrichs for a login if you are a member and don't have access yet.