Our Church History

The following significant items of our Church's history are placed here for your enlightenment and reminiscence.  We invite each and every one of you to please join with us and become part of history!



1887 Albany Seventh-day Adventist Church was founded with 5 members.
1910 Re-organized.  8 members present.
1915 Church located on West 6th Avenue, close to Albany Hospital.
4/1918 Sold 6th Avenue property for $500.
5/1918 Purchased an existing church on 3rd and Montgomery.
8/1918 Church dedicated.  N.C. Ernston, pastor.
2/1937 Sold church bell to raise funds.  Bell weighed 413lbs., 94lbs of iron.
12/1949 Voted to build new church at 4th Avenue and Columbus.
4/1951 Sold 3rd Avenue church building.
1/1954 First service in new 4th Avenue property.
9/1956 School near Dunlap was sold for $18,000, due to right-of-way for Interstate 5
9/1957 Formed Union School with Corvallis SDA Church.
1964 Purchased property adjoining.
12/1964 Christmas flood!!!
11/1974 Membership growth caused overcrowding; voted to remodel existing building.
1976 Due to city zoning and building restrictions it was voted to sell the 4th Avenue property.  And "that at the end of the year, if it did not sell, another vote would be taken to determine wishes of the church body."
12/1977 Church in Business Session voted to sell and build a new church.
1/1978 Church Locating Committee formed to find a suitable church site.
10/1978 Voted to buy 2.4 acre parcel at 3085 Grand Prairie Road SE.  Site contained a large house and was purchased for $38,000.  Building Committee appointed.
5/1977 Salvation Army signed purchase agreement for property at 4th and Columbus; price $220,000.
8/17/1980 Ground-Breaking Ceremonies for new Church.  Sidney Nelson, pastor.  Present were Mae Yih, State Senator, as well as many Oregon Conference officials.  A horse plow was used, with many members "drafted" to pull it!
10/1980 General Contractor, Merritt Crawford, was hired for the project.
4/22/1982 Moving Day.
4/24/1982 First service held in the new facility.  Many dignitaries were present, including Senator Mae Yih, Albany City and Oregon Conference officials.
Church Dedicated.  Pastor Fred Hardinge challenged the 250 members to consecrate themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and the finishing of His Work in our hearts as well as in the town of Albany.
7/23/1995 Church in Business Session voted to purchase the adjoining 1.82 acre parcel, including a small house, for $90,000.  With $30,000 cash in hand, $30,000 more pledged by members present, plus a $29,000 loan from a member, the deal was closed.
2/1999 Loan on adjacent property was paid off.

Church Construction Trivia:

List of Pastors that Served our Church

1917-1921Nels Ernston
1932-1938Comer, Elder Dustin, Elder Dickinson
1938-1941Elder Fish
1942-1945Glen Patterson
1946-1948Joe Apigian
1948-1951Elder Streiver
1951-1956John Trude
1956-1957Armen Johnson
1957-1959Kenneth McVay
1959-1961Calvin Hartnel
1961-1962Adam Rudy
1962-1968Ernest Fresk
1968-1971Ray Crok
1971-1972Vernon Flory
1972-1977Robert Sanders
1977-1982Sidney Nelson
1982-1985Jim Gaull
1985-1989Fred Hardinge
1989-1991Dick Hanson
1991-1993Kevin Wilfley
1994-2003Paul Cole
2004-2007Bill Edwards
2007-2009Interim Pastor Steve Behrmann
2009-2013Jim Osborne
2013-PresentSteve Behrmann

*Individuals' names (other than those of public record) are not included here to protect privacy.