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About Us

Our Church History

Our church was the 27th Seventh-day Adventist Church to be started in the Northwest United States. Of the original 27, only 12 are still active. Our church is the 6th oldest in the Oregon Conference, voted into the North Pacific Union Conference in 1887.

Membership at our church has varied from the 5 original members to a high of 338, with 255 at present (July, 2018).

Memorable Events (Tap dot to view details of event)

Albany Seventh-day Adventist Church was founded with 5 members.

Re-organized. 8 members present.

Church located on West 6th Avenue, close to Albany Hospital.

In April the 6th Avenue property was sold for $500.

In May we purchased an existing church on 3rd and Montgomery.

In August the church was dedicated. N.C. Ernston was the pastor at the time.

In February we sold the church bell to raise funds. The bell weighed 413 lb., 94 lb of iron.

In December we voted to build a new church at 4th Avenue and Columbus.

In April we sold the 3rd Avenue church building.

In January was our first service in new 4th Avenue property.

In September the church school near Dunlap was sold for $18,000, due to right-of-way for Interstate 5.

In September we formed a union school with Corvallis SDA Church.

We purchased the adjoining property to the church.

The Christmas flood of 1964 was a major flood in the Pacific Northwest and some of Northern California between December 18, 1964, and January 7, 1965. It is considered a 100-year flood and it was one of the worst to affect the Willamette River in Oregon. See more...

In November the membership growth caused overcrowding. We voted to remodel the existing building.

Due to city zoning and building restrictions, it was voted to sell the 4th Avenue property. And “that at the end of the year, if it did not sell, another vote would be taken to determine wishes of the church body.”

In December the church in Business Session voted to sell and build a new church.

In January the church Locating Committee formed to find a suitable church site.

In October we voted to buy 2.4 acre parcel at 3085 Grand Prairie Road SE. Site contained a large house and was purchased for $38,000. Building Committee appointed.

In May the Salvation Army signed purchase agreement for property at 4th and Columbus. They paid $220,000.

On August 17 we held ground-breaking ceremonies for the new church. Sidney Nelson was the pastor. Present were Mae Yih, State Senator, as well as many Oregon Conference officials. A horse plow was used, with many members "drafted" to pull it!

General Contractor, Merritt Crawford, was hired for the project.

On April 22 we moved into the new church building at 3085 Grand Prairie Road SE.

On April 24 we held our first service in the new facility

On May 20 the church was dedicated. Pastor Fred Hardinge challenged the 250 members to consecrate themselves to the Lord Jesus Christ and the finishing of His Work in our hearts as well as in the town of Albany.

On July 23 the church in Business Session voted to purchase the adjoining 1.82 acre parcel, including a small house, for $90,000. With $30,000 cash in hand, $30,000 more pledged by members present, plus a $29,000 loan from a member, the deal was closed.

Loan on adjacent property was paid off.

January 25 & 26, Tom and Alane Waters from Resteration International came and had a Family Enhancement Seminar.

On March 14 & 15, Dr. Tim Riesenberger came and gave a series of sermons titled "Keep the Fire Going" The Secret to Lasting Change.

April 17 & 19, Celebrity Chef Mark Anthony gave a vegan cooking class on Thursday and gave his testimony for church on Sabbath.

September 12 & 13, Christian vs. Evolution Seminar with Timothy P. Meyer.

October 24 & 25, America, the Beast, and the Devil's Deadly Mark Seminar with Steve Wohlberg.

On February 7, Greg Hamilton, president of Northwest Religious Liberty Association, gave a sermon titled "Discernible Forces" at 11 am and another sermon titled “The ‘World Peace’ Threat To Religious Freedom” at 2 pm.

November 13 & 14, Jim Ayer gave his “Presentations That Can Change Your Life” series.

December 4 & 5, Steve Wohlberg gave his End Time Issues series.

April 7 to 15, Lee and Marji Venden presented “All About Jesus”, a week-long series.

May 14, Hal Mayer talks about Isaiah 60 and what God is telling us will happen in the end times.

July 8-9, The Grace of God with C. A. Murray and Shelley Quinn from 3ABN.

October 6-8, Ron Meinhardt with Health is Life ministry talks about The Gut / Brain Connection.

November 30 to December 3, Stephen Bohr from Secrets Unsealed presents his “The Remnant and its Mission” series.

June 17, Myles Sterling presents his "Witnessing That Works" talk.

November 11, Pastor Hal Mayer presents “Martin Luther & the Bible”, “The Bounds of Their Habitation”, and “Foundations of the Coming Sunday Law”

January 3, Jim Ayer presents “Your View Of God” and “Flying over at 30,000 Feet”

March 3, Larren Cole presents “Why I Have Confidence In Ellen White”, “Does God Want Me In Church”, and “Famous Adventist's Distinct Doctrines”

June 13-17, Stephen Bohr with Secrects Unsealed presents his series “Who Cares about Christian Standards?”. He brought his mobile video production studio and video recorded it for DVD.

In June, the church board voted to form a committee to remodel the sanctuary platform and replace sanctuary and fellowship hall floor coverings.

History of Pastors

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