Our Staff

The pastor is the congregation’s spiritual leader and adviser. Pastors instruct officers in their duties and plan with them for all lines of church work and activity. The pastoral work of the church is shared by the pastor and the elders. With the pastor, the elders visit members, minister to sick people, cultivate prayer ministries, arrange or lead out in anointing services, encourage the discouraged, and assist in other pastoral responsibilities.

The work of deacons involves a range of services for the church. They assist at services and meetings, visit members, prepare for baptisms, assist in communion services, care for the sick and aid the poor and unfortunate, and care and maintain the property of the church building.

Much of the functioning of the church depends on the work of the clerk. This office is important and has specialized functions like record keeping and reporting like board meeting minutes.

Pastor: Steve Behrmann
Head Elder: Curtis Miller
Elder: Dan Jolliffe
Elder: Daniel Baldwin
Elder: Ron Worrell
Elder: Wayne Clark
Head Deacon: Alvin Kosaka
Clerk: Elaine Marshall
Bulletin: Geraldine Genstler
Spanish Pastor: Samuel Tahay
Spanish Head Elder: Jose Camarillo
Photo Steve Behrmann, Pastor of the Albany Adventist Church
Pastor Steve Behrmann